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Free Webinar in English & French

Connecting the Portal

04.04.2020 = 4.4.4

2pm (New York) | 6pm GMT | 8pm GMT+2 (Paris)

A portal is opening for a new state of consciousness called the Super State.
This consciousness is specifically guiding us to expand our perspective.


We are moving from 3rd to 5th dimension of consciousness.
Join us and be apart of this great shift !


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Hi, we are White & Ori

International healers and musicians, founders of the Remembrance Academy and your webinar hosts.

What will you learn in this webinar:

  • tools to guide you through this shift in consciousness;

  • tools for working with difficult emotions, like fear, uncertainty, and sadness;

  • tools to connect with your heart and soul;

  • key practices to maintain a high frequency in these times, and support you to offer who you are to the world; 

  • a guided meditation to contribute to bring light and healing to the world.


This webinar already happened!

Send an email to if you'd like the replay!

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