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Exclusive Online Program

Activate Your Soul's Will

Join us for a 4 Portals to Activate Your Soul's Will.

This program will support you to open yourself to love, self-confidence and abundance.

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Hi, we are White & Ori

International healers and musicians, founders of the Remembrance Academy and your program hosts.

We have designed this experience as a deeper dive into the work of Remembrance Academy from the comfort of your own home.
Activate Your Soul's Will
will be your guided through meditation, healing sounds, and advanced tools to awaken your consciousness to the abundance of love & prosperity. 


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Are you ready to awaken everyday with joy,
ready to live your life with more consciousness ?

Join us and take the leap into a new world of abundance, love, creativity and fulfillmen!

Activate Your Soul's Will
Four Portals
4 Lessons
& 4 Meditations/Activations

  1. Initiation Time - 
    Preparing The Vessel
    Vibrating at the frequency of your Soul


  2.     Ascension -     
    Elevating dense emotions
    Releasing Karma


  3.  The Abundance Effect - 
    You are the source of your Abundance

  4. Connect to your souls will
    The sentence that going to change your life

What's Included


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Lifetime access to Content

Special Activation

How to register and book your spot ?
 participation Fee 300$ 


The program will open at  the Moment you finish purchesing and will stay available at all time.

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