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Havaya Cards + Digital Album

Havaya cards - for balance, precision, remembrance, raising the frequency and connecting to the healing of mantras via charging, attunement and energetically working with the cards.


Every mantra on the album has its tailored cad attributed to its activation frequency. Additionally to the mantra cards, we’ve created “Power Word” cards.


For healing, for abundance, for health, for love, for balance, for attunement, for romantic relationships, and so on.


Havaya Cards + Physical Album

You can work with the cards for yourself as well as for another person. Cards can be placed under a water glass or bottle for charging, under a pillow, held during meditation as to activate the mantra’s frequency, or a card may be selected at any difficult time or imbalance for precision and guidance out of inner-listening for remembrance. It is recommended to sing the selected mantra accompanied by the album.

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