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The Remembrance Academy was born from the desire to raise awareness and support transcendence and spiritual development through frequencies and sound healing. Through Remembrance Academy, we have connected thousands of people to their inner knowledge, essence and individuality of their soul.

Learning is currently possible through face-to-face workshops in Europe and we are in the process of developing an online academy. There are currently communities of students and practitioners in France, the United States, the Netherlands, Italy and Belgium.

We remind people that they are not human beings who experience spiritual experiences, but rather, souls who experience human experiences!

The Remembrance Academy produces events around the world, subscribe at the bottom of the page to stay up to date with your upcoming events and courses. Do you speak Hebrew? Click the Israeli flag at the top of the page to view our offerings in Israel and online courses in Hebrew.

Looking forward to meeting you! Let there be light.

With love, White and Ori



Begin your journey with us at our Music & Consciousness Convention and take your first step towards change and fulfillment. After you attend this convention you can join further studies in our community.



Join our flagship ‘Water Remembrance’ workshop, held twice yearly in a desert oasis. These workshops are for students who have already attended a convention and are looking for deeper guidance. 



This comprehensive, professional training program is the only one of it's kind in the world. It will train you to receive therapist certification in the Remembrance Modality. 



Music & Consciousness Convention

Activate your Soul's Will

4 Portals to Activate Your Soul's Will.

This Online program will support you to open yourself to love, self-confidence and abundance.
Are you ready to awaken everyday with joy, ready to live your life with more consciousness ?
Join us and take the leap into a new world of abundance, love, creativity and fulfillmen!


Remembrance of Your Soul's Journey Seminar

Take part in a life-changing process. Over 2 days you will receive in-depth tools to find out what is holding you back from living with courage and creativity. Join us and let us guide you through the process of coming home to yourself.


Music & Consciousness

Orly Harleichman

I have experienced revelation, discovered a mighty instrument that is within me, with the magic sounds, it is a miracle for me, a simple yet powerful tool, I have never experienced such a divine encounter. I finally got home, for family, for light, for love, for healing, I got a gift from you that changes my life. Thank you for being so professional and especially human on a lofty level.


Music & Consciousness

Irit Dabelstein

There are no words to describe your heavenly and soulful experience. The Shekinah prevailed, the voice of W. It and the music of the Divine Clinic, I felt that I had dissolved into a thousand parts and had become complete.


Remembrance Seminar

Dalia Levin

I have had a most powerful experience !!!
I got so much ... every time I remember it, I teared away excitement ... It was a moment of rebirth, in which I underwent change and connection to the source within me. I create this wonderful feeling within me.




Water Remembrance

2 Day Experiential Workshop

Find deep healing through a unique experiential workshop, the first of its kind in the world, that combines water and sound healing with crystal bowls. Join us for 2 days in a desert oasis and connect to your personal frequency.


Crystal Alchemy

2 Day Theoretical Workshop

We are moving out of the third and into the fifth dimension of consciousness, to a new frequency and journey of deep awakening, asking us to play an active and conscious role. This workshop is your opportunity to awaken your potential and the potential of the universe.


Water Remembrance

Noa Barak

I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for the amazing experience I went through this wonderful weekend in Moa. No words can describe the experience I had. I feel that by being able to attend, I received a huge gift.


Water Remembrance

Yafit Weinstock

A daughter invited by her mother writes to her: "My beloved mother, the gift of life is the first and amazing gift you have given me. The second gift, this workshop, a thousand words cannot describe the power, sounds, tranquility and experience that is no less than divine ...


Crystal Alchemy

Hadar Tahal

An amazing workshop, touching on all bodies, connecting to my higher self and guidance. Precise scientific knowledge, which helps to make order, is conveyed simply and with an eye-catching combination of music and poetry, which reach straight to the heart…
The impossible ... became possible.

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