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What is the Remembrance Academy?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

The Rememberance Academy says that, just as any acorn has the potential to become an oak tree, there is a potential in each one of us to express greatness and fulfill our role in the world. Just as an acorn needs the right conditions to become a tree, the Remembrance Academy, seeks to awaken us to the fact that we must nurture the right conditions inside of ourselves to fully emerge in this world.

That's where Rememberance Academy comes in. Meditation, healing sounds, frequencies, and knowledge are the things that allow the seed of our soul to germinate and actually remember. More than this the tools expressed in Rememberance Academy allow the conditions for what we remember to be expressed in our daily lives.

Using sounds and frequencies consciously allows one to remember their original soul frequency. Through remembering our soul frequency we awaken to the reason we came into this world, in this dimension. Through remembering our purpose we are able to fully connect the soul to the physical world and strengthen our sense of belonging.

The Rememberance Academy awakens ones clarity, balance and connection to their source, allowing us to be grounded in this dimension. This grounding is what frees us from blockages of the past and anchors us in the present. From there we are to live life in our natural state - happy, fulfilled and full of love.

What are the outcomes of Rememberance?

We learn the processes of changing restrictive thoughts and barriers that prevent us from moving forward and fulfilling ourselves in life. We learn how the creation field works and how we can take an active part and speak the language of creation in powerful, life-changing exercises. We learn that when we use sounds, we send a certain frequency, which meets some of us that vibrates at the same frequency (identical to it) and reminds it of its essence.

Let's take a simple example, when we tap into a piano duo in the piano, the duo after which responds Without touching it (and every character responds that way), each frequency knows its original essence and wakes up and remembers its essence. So, too, if our bodies and our souls hear the right frequencies, they will remember the original frequency and return to harmony.

Although our software is a "problem solver," we are essentially "visionaries." The sound crosses the mind and does not try to solve problems, because the thought created the problems.

How does Rememberance actually happen?

The process of Rememberance happens in three tiers:

  1. The Soul Tier

  2. The Physical Tier

  3. The Mental Tier

Sounds & Frequencies

Crystal Bowls Through the sounds of the crystal bowls, which we also used in Atlantis, We knew the sounds of the 13 energetic centers of creation And we sent vibrations through the law of resonance, not only by sound, Rather, by the information we programmed into the crystals And by the fact that the crystal is a crystalline structure and also our DNA, There all our memories are stored, So the Crystal sends a resonance of crystalline essence and awakens the memories that are extinct in the crystalline essence.

Through using healing frequencies, we bypass the mind, and reach striaght to our heart and the frequency of our soul, from there we are able to receive the clarity and inner knowledge of our vision. Sounds have a power that penetrates through every substance and drives it down to the level of cells and DNA.

And so each movement within us creates another movement, thus opening up energetic and even physical blocks by the intentionally sent vibration.

We believe that sound, as told by great teachers in history, is medicine of the future, and our future is now! We have chosen to be messengers of the new consciousness and to spread the forgotten knowledge. We have an obligation to make use of frequencies and sounds to recall our essence. And we invite you to join us and embark on a journey of remembering your essence and role in this world, in order to live a life of fulfillment and happiness!

According to the "remembrance" model we teach in Israel and Europe - based on the 13 healthy frequencies, And the energetic sounds of creation, and especially want to emphasize the character bi which is very significant and will immediately explain.

According to a structure called the Metatron Cube, there are 13 energy centers and they all work in resonance with each other. The centers are: Earth Gate (vibrating in Do), Earth Star (vibrating in mouth), Base Chakra (vibrating in Sol character), The sex chakra (vibrating in La), solar plexus (vibrating in CC), The heart (also quivering in the duo, since this is the next octave, according to the Resonance Law), The throat chakra (vibrating in the mouth), the third eye (vibrating in the eye), the crown (vibrating in the mouth), Soul Star (Vibrating Character), Stellar Gate - Pleiades (Vibrating Character), Universal gate (vibrating in CC), And the 13th Cosmic Gate - the center of the Milky Way (His daughter is twirling, which is also the next octave after the heart, according to the Resonance Law).

Notice, the Three Hearts of Health, vibrating his daughter Du who is the heart of our heart. The heart of Mother Earth, our heart and the heart of our Galaxy galaxy.

You probably ask how do you know the vibration of each energetic center? We know the color of the centers because we see it, for example the heart is green. When we go to the light spectrum, and according to the math of the colors, We divide the run number of the color by half each time, Because that's how sounds move from octave to octave, which means multiplying themselves. So we get the tone of the color.

Another amazing thing, That the number of times we divide the runner's color to reach its sound is always 42 including the source. In creation, only when water and light meet at 42 degrees does color form, and in fact the rainbow forms in the cloud. Amazing right?

Each of these centers has a specific element that it is connected to And a geometric shape that holds the frequency of the element and the center of energy.

When working with the sounds, we don't ask questions when working with the sound, We use the law of resonance, where we connect to creation through the sounds And that whole part of the person in front of us recalls and vibrates back to its source frequency.

That is why all of our work and the therapeutic model are called "remembering".

Why did we create Remembrance Academy

After our own journey of awakening took place through this work, we very quickly realised that most humans are not full anchored to the earth. This causes a lot of suffering, because we are distanced from our destiny.

People don't come to get answers from us, because the answers are within them. We just remind them of their original frequency and they are already remembered alone. And what arises at the highest level is unconditional love. This is the essence of us all. We work with information from Atlantis and the Temple, From my memories of Atlantis, the work we did then and today, Is mainly to connect the soul to the body fully.

Regarding Judaism, one can see that there was a whole tribe among all 12 tribes Whose job was to maintain the frequencies and return the parts of the soul to the body through the sounds and vocals, This tribe was called the Halevi tribe, both where I was and there we did very similar work.

How can I start my journey with Remembrance Academy?

  • Israel: We recommend coming to our Music & Consciousness Convention or joining our online course 'Feed of the Soul'. If you are looking to receive a treatment these can be booked one of our Remembrance Practitioners in Israel and also with White & Ori personally.

  • Europe: Currently, we have trained Rememberance Practitioners in France and we are in the process of expanding this across Europe. Please check our upcoming events page if you would like to attend an event. Or even better send us an email if you would like to assist us in organising an event in your country!

  • Australia: We are currently planning a tour in Australia for 2020. If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email.

  • United States: We would love to bring Remembrance Academy to the United States, please contact us if you are interested in assisting this process.


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