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The Crystal Bowls a Partnership Between Mysticism and Science

All life is in motion, every atom, molecule, all visible and invisible since all life is energy. The vibration and movement of energy at its most intimate level is easily detected in physical life. Our cells are constantly changing. When we turn ice into water and then steam, through the use of heat, we expedite the vibration or movement of the atom that contains the water molecules. This is known as energy-transmutation-transformation. We penetrate its shape and vibrate frequency for new purposes.

One of the most effective ways to change our energy form, our awareness, living conditions and states of life (physical and spiritual) is through the use of sounds and tones. A sacred sound that heals - whether prayer, music, song, mantras - is an essential force that affirms every aspect of creation.

All over the world cosmologists - researchers of the universe and religions, consider the sacred sound to be the basis of the universe. According to Hebrew Kabbalah, the world was created by the expression of the explicit name of the Creator of the worlds also known as Yahweh or Tetragmetron. For this reason in the Jewish religion, they are not allowed to use this name nor to explicitly say or write it. In Ancient Egypt, words were used to create the universe. Legends and writings remain in effect in almost all ancient societies in this creative force of sound.

From the womb of silence, the sound was created and from the sacred sound, life was created! Sound is always considered as a direct link between humanity and divinity.

At one point all the mysterious ancient traditions taught their students and educated them to use sound as a healing and healing power. It is considered the oldest way of healing. In those days, the source of sound connects with various elements, sounds, and music, which are applied in different aspects of life on the physical and metaphysical level.

Music is used to change physical energies, uplift and restore internal equilibrium in the system in physical and psychological states. Today there is a partnership between ancient mysticism and modern science. In the application and use of sacred sound in all its modes of expression. One of these partnerships is the creation of crystal bowls.

The crystal bowls are a dynamic sign of the connection between ancient mysticism and high-tech technologies. The knowledge and frequency of the bowls are rooted in the mysticism of the past, but, also a bridge to mysteries and the use of healing in the future. They are both a symbol and a tool for the alchemical process and can help transform and transform physical energies and raise awareness. They balance the heart and the spirit.

Crystals gained tremendous popularity in the 1980s and now they are used to make existing media, such as computer chips, radio, microphones, TV, watches, satellites, cell phones, because they can store and transmit information. But, the technological basis teaches, their original origin is internal communication, communication with the inner essence within us.

The bowls were created to heal, stimulate creativity and expand consciousness because the bowls are pure crystal quartz. The dynamism of this energy affects the body and the consciousness of the individual immeasurably, the human body creates a strong resonance with the quartz energy.

The electronic aspects arising from the quartz apply strong reactions from the crystalline part in the structures of the human body (bones, protein, glands, DNA and more). It is accompanied by vibrating sounds that resonate around and inside the body cavities, creating a harmonious dynamic response level from person to bowl.

Over the years we have moved from the world of the interior and the spirit to the foreign and material world. We lost the use of the musical instrument for healing and we also became superficial and reliant on external amusement. It is important to note that our first tool is our bodies and within these bodies, we have the ability to produce sound for healing purposes, without external instruments. Our voice can be seen like our fingerprint, unique to our soul and thus through the discovery of our voice we learn to connect with the ability to heal ourselves with its help.

At 145 days the fetus has developed the hearing ability as an adult, listening to its mother's voice and heartbeat. And of course, once on earth, the child learns to listen for almost two years before learning to speak.

In a world where people produce to serve, the rhythm is fast. Whereas, the rhythm of our heartbeat and our breath when calm and relaxed is quiet. When our thoughts are free from objections, you can understand that our natural rhythm aligns with that of Mother Earth, and shows us a simple

On the other hand, our natural rhythm, with its name, the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of the soul, can be seen in the breath, as we are calm and relaxed. When the thought is quiet and the objections cease to fight for their place, the heartbeats at the rate of Mother Earth, in simple terms, our natural rhythm is one of presence.

The powerful journey that I experienced in the inner worlds was through frequency medicine, this medicine is known to many by working with technological devices that send frequencies. In my journey, I found a more intimate way with the crystal bowls and my voice.

The bowls are made of 99.9% crystal quartz and have different tones according to the musical scales and energy centers in our bodies.

By playing the bowls that resonate through all the bodies to the cells and fluids in our bodies, the sound changes brainwaves to alpha-theta and delta waves. Thus moving the listener into a meditative state, a slack state that allows healing to occur.

Studies have shown that the treatments at this frequency positively influence the immune system, glands, and hormonal system. The neural system thus balances and soothes the listener or the patient to the extent of devotion to the divine inner capacity for self-healing.

In this time of changing the frequency of the earth, we have no choice but to raise our individual frequency to support global change.

About twenty-five years ago, in the computer industry, they discovered a unique tool for healing, which they manufactured to use in the computer world experiments. This tool is called the crystal bowl, the crystal bowls are considered to be something in the alternative medicine world. And they are also used in conventional hospitals in the US, Australia, and Europe.

The bowls come in different sizes and tones and are used for healing in different and varied ways. Every person in their own way, practicing different methods, yoga teachers, musicians, playing them in churches, treating cancer patients, and in children diagnosed with ADHD.

Experiencing the bowls is an unimaginable experience, it is definitely advisable to swim into the frequency world and experience the bowls directly.

There are many uses and influences with the crystal bowls, but the key features are:

  • Balance the brain hemispheres;

  • Cleans the aura;

  • Create a sacred energy spiral, which can be used for physical and spiritual purposes;

  • Depending on the bowl, they will affect the physiological system of the body;

  • Purify and clean water;

  • Purify and recharge other crystal stones;

  • An effective tool for healing, even for remote healing;

  • They can be used for astral and shamanic journeys;

  • Dynamic tools embodied through prayer;

  • Empower aromatherapy;

  • They can be used to extract flower and stone extracts;

  • Help connect with spiritual guides;

  • Empowering a meditation experience;

  • They can be used to explore - past, present, future;

  • Develop predictive ability;

  • Empower rituals, purify intent and raise frequency;

  • Create or strengthen relationships;

  • To create abundance;

  • To create a good reality;

  • Balancing the hormonal and energetic systems.

The crystal bowls are a tool and a symbol, for healing purposes.

There are masculine and feminine aspects of the bowl. The bowl itself is a symbol of feminine energy and the stick of masculine energy. When the masculine and feminine connect together creative energy is released, the birth of something new is created. In this case, the birth is of the sacred sound, a sound that will work according to the program and the user's awareness of the bowl.

All bowls are a sign of feminine energy, it is the energy of the uterus, from where new life is created. In the circle there is no beginning and no end, it represents everything that has not yet come true, together with all the possibilities that exist. The womb is the primordial female wisdom, the wisdom that comes in silence, but is expressed in understanding. It is the symbol of enlightenment, intuition, and imagination, but in order for them to benefit our lives, the symbols must emerge from the circle of the uterus into earthly expression.

With love,

White x


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