Flagship Workshop

Water Remembrance

If your inner voice calls you to learn to live a meaningful and fulfilled life, we invite you to join us for a weekend of treatments in Moa's Natural Lake, and workshops accompanied by crystal bowls and voice therapy to connect to your soul’s purpose. It's time to embark on a remembrance journey. 

It's time to embark on a remembrance journey. Release your fears and everything else that prevents you from experiencing freedom and fulfillment! 

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Hi, we are White & Ori

We have designed this world first experience because we understand that sometimes the best way to find our soul's purpose is to give ourselves space from our often busy schedule. We invite you to join us to relax for a weekend in a luxurious Desert Oasis, featuring treatments in Moa's Natural Lake, and workshops accompanied by crystal bowls and voice therapy. Over the weekend we will use healing sounds that cross the mind to pave a direct and accelerated way of communicating with the heart and soul.

International healers and musicians, founders of the Remembrance Modality and your workshop creators and hosts.

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3 days / 2 nights


1 - 3 MARCH 2020

FROM: $615


DEPOSIT: $257.50

Price includes a luxurious stay at Moa's, vegan meals and refreshments throughout. 


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  • ​A powerful initiation to connect to your personal frequency; 

  • Empower your confidence and strengthen your inner voice;

  • Connection to the source of presence and your being;

  • Remembrance of your true essence;

  • Balancing of your energetic bodies in the natural lake, accompanied by crystal bowls and White’s voice therapy;

  • Clarity and an increase in your personal frequency;

  • Maximum of 30 participants to ensure an intimate and healing container.


  • Water treatments bring us back to the womb and into our ultimate place of security;

  • Water is the best conductor in nature, so the frequencies move through the water in such a way that it penetrates our physical body five times stronger that normal;

  • We are 70% water, so when healing takes place in water, the lines blur and our physical body dissolves allowing the frequencies to penetrate deeper; and

  • The element of water is the foundation of our emotions, where the deepest healing is needed. 


In a unique oasis, Moa was founded for the purpose of being a home for a culture of peace: inner peace of each individual, peace between a man and his fellow brother, between deferent segments, races, and cultures in our society, between nations and most of all between the human race and the natural living environment.


Through ecological and holistic vision, built with local earth bricks and an architectural approach of simplicity and sustainability, all those in order to provide a base for workshops, conferences and gatherings in the magical ambiance of the desert.

Moa is surrounded by a vast ancient untouched desert, located along the ancient Nabatean incense route, between the legend city of Petra towards the seaport of the Mediterranean in an area recently declared as a world heritage site.