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The Havaya Project is the world's first project of its kind that includes the chanting of anciet Hebrew ancient texts, invoking ancient and deep healing. The Havaya Cards were created to support balance, accuracy, remembrance, frequency raising and healig. 



You can work with the cards individually and in groups or in front of another person, such as a patient, spouse or child. In choosing the word or mantra independently, their high consciousness chooses the frequency with which you can work in three circles of your choice, of a day, 7 days or 21 days.

The cards can be placed under a glass of water, a bottle or under a pillow. You can visualise the letters in your mind during meditation to activate the word or mantra frequency. You can choose a card at any difficult time or imbalance to get back to accuracy and connect back to source.

Havaya Album Physical CD & Havaya Cards

  • The finished dimensions for the Havaya CD is 4.724 inches square. There are 16 cards in the pack with 8 powerful Hebrew mantras. The entire pack is translated into English, with full explanations of the mantra.

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