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Sagol Ecological Spiritual Village and Sound Healing Retreat Centre 

At Sagol Village we are blessed to see gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, in a climate where the sun shines 300 days per year. 

Throughout the year Sagol Village is host to guests from all around the world participating in many different modalities of awareness workshops, special events in nature, holistic healing and ceremonies. 

The village is located in the south of Israel, nestled in a moshav, one hour from Tel Aviv. It features Mongolian yurts, individual treatment rooms, an organic garden, lots of nature and even more love. Join us in our ecological pool, that sustains itself with beautiful filtration plants for sound healing with crystal bowls. With over 300 crystals planted throughout the land of Sagol Village the vibration is very special.


Sagol Eco Village is a child of Sagol Festival, the first and largest spirituality festival in Israel, which ran from 2000 - 2009. Sagol Festival was chosen to represent Israel in the field of culture to honour Israel's 60th-anniversary celebrations at the Exhibition of the State’s Achievements in the United States. After ten years of running Sagol Festival, we decided to make a change and fulfill ourlives 

after ten years decided to make a change and to fulfill the principles of simplistic living and close contact to the earth.
Guests are hosted from around the world to enjoy this stunning place and to learn about self-growth and awarness. We have a few rooms, mud houses,fire pits, bathroom and shower facilities, ecologic swimming pool and nearby parking.
A place for reconnecting to nature and beeing of service in the spiritual path.

our vision: creating a space to expand
and remember the devine source.

White Feather

A visionary, voice healer, and international speaker and teacher. A musician performing with vocals and crystal bowls in Hebrew mantras. Teacher and mentor in sound healing with crystal bowls. Guiding light in helping people rediscover their soul purpose.

Ori Netzer

A multidisciplinary artist and healer. A life time student of music playing on Hang Drum, African Harp, Native American flute, guitar and more. International teacher in music and consciousness, helping people awaken to their soul's purpose. 

Official Bio

White & Ori are internationally renowned musicians, healers, and founders of Remembrance Academy. In 2000 they created the first spirituality festival in Israel called 'Sagol Festival', which ran until 2011 and hosted up to 5,000 people. They founded an Ecological Village and Sound Healing Centre called 'Sagol Eco Spiritual Centre'.


Their passion is in reminding people of who they really are, to support people in the journey of acceptance and self-love. With this passion in mind, they have created Remembrance Modality, which offers world-first practitioner training, integrating sound healing, crystal bowls, and Hebrew mantras.

Through the Remembrance Academy, they have led thousands of people through Journey 21 an online learning portal, that activates the frequencies of love and abundance, to awaken your soul's purpose.


White & Ori's musical venture is called Havaya Project, showcasing their ultimate passion, healing through chanting ancient texts of sacred Hebrew mantras, accompanied by crystal bowls, guitars, and other indigenous instruments. 

Between work and travel, you will find White & Ori at home in their Ecological Spiritual Village in Israel, spending time with their 2 daughters, family and friends, and usually creating beautiful music. 

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