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Get a front row seat to one of the world's largest ascension gatherings!

Global Ascension Gathering

MAY 11TH 2020

2pm (New York) | 6pm GMT | 8pm GMT+2 (Paris)

A portal is opening for a new state of consciousness called the Super State.
This consciousness is specifically guiding us to expand our perspective.


We are moving from 3rd to 5th dimension of consciousness.
Join us and be apart of this great shift!

Hi, we are

White & Ori

International healers and musicians, founders of the Remembrance Academy and your Global Ascension Gathering hosts!

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, so this planet feels great, starting today. You will find ways to communicate better. This is also best time for short distance travel.

„I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening“ (Larry King)

The purpose of this 9th event is to enhance the group connection to the Energy Grid of the Ascended Masters - an awakening crystalline grid through the Ascension Journey. The Ascended Masters are a collective Energy, many who have lived on the Earth and brought the teaching of Unity and Christ Consciousness Being through many forms. In the days of Ascension, humanity is moving into coherence with this crystalline grid of consciousness that supports each one of us in moving into the state of being that is afforded to us by this wisdom. It will be an opportunity to "weave" into the grid supported by the energy of the collective group and move forward with wisdom, balance, serenity, joy and heart-based love. Sounds pretty nice :)) !!

There will be a channelled message from the Sirian Blue White Collective and a profound meditation to provide a direct energy transmission to all attendees from this magnificent group of light beings - to support in the changing energies of these times.

The Collective emphasizes that they are here to support us based on our free will evolution into a seeded potential that has been dormant in our DNA for thousands of years - a fact that illuminates just how special are these times.

Please follow your heart if it speaks to you to join us, for this very special event with the Sirian Blue White Collective!

Healing Through Ascension Symptoms: How to navigate the shifting energies and physical symptoms of the current global awakening…

About this Event

The shifting energies on our planet at present may mean uncomfortable changes in our physical state as the body adjusts to hold the new frequencies coming in. This workshop will aim to release any trapped energies, rebalance your system and support the physical body.

We will work with the angelic kingdom, elemental kingdom and council of light to understand the higher consciousness aspects of shifting emotions, vibration and any cellular changes occurring.

The processes shared will help you harness and better integrate the powerful light streams and cosmic rays currently showering our Earth.

You will learn:

How to ground into your own soul energy as the earth moves further into her own flux state

How balance and regulate your energy field

How to neutralise trapped emotion and stuck energies

How to calm the nervous system and other systems of the body

How to assist the earth in these transitions

How to clear any oaths, vows, contracts to remain in duality and live from a harmonised, neutral state

How to use the thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations as a tool to heal and transcend the 3D - to bridge heaven and earth

Clearing the 'Fallen Angel' consciousness

How to activate the crystalline light body and step into the ascended self


This workshop will also cover the following in depth:

What are ascension symptoms?

Why are we experiencing ascension symptoms?

Examples of ascension symptoms

My experience and my more intense recent experiences - 5G / Covid-19 as global symptom of awakening and shadow coming to light

Healing through ascension symptoms / using them as a tool to heal and transcend /

How to use your symptoms to transcend / heal - Alexandra’s own processes, but extra tips and channelled guidance



This session is a one-way remote webinar - you will be sent a link upon booking of more details on how to listen. You can listen live in the comfort of your space and receive (you will not have to be seen via video or audio)




THIS IS A PAY AS YOU CAN AFFORD WEBINAR. Use the Ticket system to choose what you can afford at this time to value this exchange of this workshop. Please choose a ticket and you will be processed the same.


Register Now!

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