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Seminar: Activating Your DNA Light Code

This seminar, is for students looking for deeper guidance in activating the frequency of health and balance between spiritiual and physical inside their DNA.

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Seminar: Activating Your DNA Light Code
Seminar: Activating Your DNA Light Code

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Location is TBD

About the event

The key to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual human evolution lies within our DNA. One of humanity's goals on these special days is to activate the light codes found in the energetic bodies that are around DNA, to evolve to our next level through advanced transformation. We seek to move from a compressed state of matter to the memory state that contains more light. It is time to expand your senses beyond the world of delusion, and open up to the inner wisdom that lies within you. Hold on tight! We are embarking on a new journey!

What are DNA Light Codes?

When the soul chooses to come down to earth, it turns off the light codes in the DNA, so that you can experience the physicality of this dimension. We are in a historical period of awakening, remembrance and planetary change. We can now consciously comment and activate some of the light codes in our DNA to awaken to our soul's destiny and to experience more light in life that will manifest in health, fulfillment, relationships, abundance and more... When we activate the light codes, through sound, frequency, colour, geometric shapes and operating sentences, we begin to experience the Remembrance of the Soul's Journey, and we wake up to the reason we came here!

Prerequisites: We ask that you have attended the Remembrance Convention and ........, before you attend this event. 

This seminar is for you:

  • If you have a deep desire to live your full purpose;
  • If you are ready to connect to your authentic frequency;
  • If you are ready to move into a space of energetic transcendence;
  • If you are ready to raise your frequency and activate more of your light codes.
  • If you are ready for a tranformation!

What do you experience during the seminar?

  • You will raise your personal frequency and move beyond "The Karmic Loop": When you change your frequency at the quantum awareness level, you can create a more harmonious energy network of people, places and experiences and that includes empowering relationships, business opportunities, and empowering experiences that support your journey.
  • You will experience meditations to activate your light codes and new frequencies;
  • You will experience and activation of the chariot and open the heart gate, for connection to your soul's purpose;
  • You will experience remembrance of your soul's journey;
  • You will experience an activation of the Istrobal Gland, through the crown, which is known as 'The Golden Diamond' an ancient Mauryan Tool.
  • You will experience joining the Acacia Library to get a message from your soul
  • You will experience a higher state of consciousness!

Light refreshments will be provided throughout the day.


"This is the most fascinating workshop I have visited in the recent years, it is rich in knowledge and opens the mind to the entire universe, to energy fields and sounds with stimulating meditations. White and Ori are excellent teachers!" -  Shiri Shaked

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