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Havaya Concert After-movie

The Havaya Project is the world's first project that includes the chanting of mantras from ancient Hebrew texts to elevate vibrations and bring deep healing.

Hebrew, just like Sanskrit, is an ancient language, therefore you do not need to understand the meaning of it before you use it. The vibration is working on a cellular level. It's a deep Universal sound code that connects us all. Our part in the process is simply to show up and connect.

We invite you to watch our concert and tap into this sacred frequency.


We have been a couple for 21 years and are currently living with our two daughters in our Ecological Village and Sound Healing Center in Israel.


We are musicians, performing all over the world to let people connect to the frequency of the Hebrew language through ancient texts and mantra. Along with this, we are sound healers working with crystal bowls, African harps, Native American flutes and more to provide deep healing.

We believe that the key to changing the world, changing your life, and empowering those around you is authenticity - the desire to be who you are! Be vulnerable, be ready to feel, be ready to live. 


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