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My story...

Nearly a decade ago, following a crisis, I went on a period solitude that went on, not as planned, for three months, through which I experienced a rebirth into a life of effortless effort.

How did it all begin?

In 1996, my life changed following an awakening experience I had, on the day of the first International Meditation Day in Israel, that I organized, together with thousands of centers around the world. On this day in 1996, I will not forget, during meditation, I talked to the Creator, told him that I recognized that this was what I was supposed to do in this world, and I was willing to give myself up to this activity.

And so at that moment I realized my destiny and dedicated myself. Why I called the creator 'the army of light' then, is because from that day my life changed unknowingly. In 2000 as part of my mission here, I was chosen to bring the world the first spiritual festival in Israel, which entertained tens of thousands of people and opened the spirit world, dozens of centers, schools, new students and purple-born teachers continued to spread the gospel…


I ran the Sagol Festival with my partner Ori for 11 years twice a year, which means 21 amazing festivals. In 2008 Sagol was elected to represent Israel by the US Jewish Agency in honor of 60 years to the country in the field of culture (Alongside Strauss Elite in the field of industry and the Weizmann Institute of Science). I know that Sagol Festival was my initiation into what I do today.


I experienced my first volume about 20 years ago in Rainbow, In a circle of over 1000 people holding hands in the redwood forest and singing Om. After several years of founding Sagol, I made sure to create an opening and closing ceremony at each festival, where over 3000 people are singing a song with the intention of healing the earth and internal and external peace.

My second meeting with the voice was in 2000, inside an old-fashioned Indian Sweetwood Lodge, I experienced for six months every two weeks. Inside the suite, I discovered my voice in another tier. Those moments of singing were for me moments of remembrance and grace of connecting to one.
Moments that have burned in my record and every cell in my body, resonate within me to this day.

Later in my new journey I created inspired by the Sweat Lodge, a ceremony adapted to the new frequencies of the day and its sitting is in water and not on earth. I called it Wisdom - like English wisdom - after a white soul who accompanies me - but that's another story. 

After 11 years of producing Sagol, I came to a blessed moment where the moments of suffering outweighed the moments of pleasure. And I decided to go on a journey inwards. I experienced a major crisis where I lost almost everything we built for a decade. The suffering was so great and the despair so strong that the breath was shortened...and I realized I had nowhere else to turn.

For a week, a Crow came to me every day at exactly 7 in the morning and knocked on the window. At first, I thought it was looking at its reflection and attacking it. But, when I decided, following the situation I was in, to go out and settle down in the back of our property, the crow also got there and knocked on the window of the house every morning, asking me to "wake" my sleep.

When I decided to go out on my own I searched for distant places and finally realized that like the alchemist, the place was behind my house. And so, I made a small bag with: diary and pen, some food and created a space where I could isolate myself from anyone, phones, TV, computer, etc.… On this trip I was completely detached from the outside for three weeks receiving precise guidance for the process of releasing my identity. 

This process continued for about two months where I met with very few people like my immediate family. Sometimes I couldn't always communicate, because I kept seeing the world beyond the illusion, and that experience was not easy to contain. During this three month period, I experienced the release of all the parts that were inside me, beliefs, fears, patterns. And the release of what I did, of Sagol festival that was a very important part of the image I created. 


In the experience of death do not let go, release everything. it was an experience of death and rebirth into a new life in my new name. I experienced a full being without the interpretations of thought, present moments and grace if they allowed healing within me to occur at any moment, because I had no objections. Today, I recognize them as compressed frequencies that block and do not allow for wind frequencies to penetrate their path to healing and the experience of the one presence that exists in us in the present.

In those days my voice came to me again, from the depths of my breath, accompanied me and healed me and helped me reconnect to the earth. It came from another place that I was unfamiliar with, where there is no effort, where the breath fills the lungs to the fullest. In it, the smile is real, where love is all that exists.

The coincidences were many and magical. In those days there were workshops and spiritual processes in Sagol Village, my home. One of the facilitators left a crystal bowl for my man Ori, she sat there waiting patiently for me to go to her. Slowly, slowly and respectfully, love was created.

After another meeting with a special Italian girl named Naida who played the bowls, from a very precise place that made me sing and resonate with her bowls, I discovered the shared reverberation experience. And I started playing the bowl that was waiting for me, producing a sound and resonating with it to the same frequency. An exciting and healing experience, where I actually realized that my voice is the one that heals me and the one who listens to me. 

For me, my crystal bowls and voice were and are the most supportive tool I could ever have in my life.

After a year of traveling in with myself, I felt it was time to go out into the world and I bought a set of 7 bowls that focus on the energetic centers of the body and the exact musical notes. I went out to learn everything I could about the bowls about using my voice, traveled to study, translated books and articles. I contacted the leaders in the field all over the world and got information from my guides.

I was looking for teachers in the world who teach therapist training with the Crystal Bowls, and I did not find one. This is how I realized that I was going to get the information, how to work with the bowls, I kept going out for a while and the information kept flowing to me ... and I won the gift that I recognized as a present-day medicine in the New Age, healing of frequencies and sounds in the crystal. From this place, I want to open a window to all things in it, to the vast knowledge I have been exposed to and wish for more people to resonate with.

Nowadays I live in frequencies and breathe the music out of my soul, I have been able to guide groups and handle, to teach and lecture on voice and frequency healing. In 2011 I set up a composition for healing music, I released CDs and brought to Israel in 2012 the first day of healing in the global voice.

Today I guide, perform and teach at the Academy of Healing and Sound - Remembrance throughout the country and across Europe. 

Many raise an eyebrow when hearing my name - I have always in my life made people raise an eyebrow, so I know everything is fine :)

In the ego death process I experienced, there was a sense that the name I had was no longer right for me and even I really feel with it as I hear another name that is not mine. It's an unexplainable feeling, the same day I first experienced it, I realized that my name was no longer mine, in one of the meditations, came the new name - and a slow feather - a white feather. 


Most of the time I did not relate, it continued to command me in meditations, and I refused to accept it. I did not understand why in English, I shared with a friend with my deliberation and stayed like that for two weeks without a name. 


One day I got a call from an old friend I hadn't seen in over three years, his name is Dov Dreamer and he is a Native Hawaiian and a dear friend. Dov Dreamer informed me that he is coming in another two days, the surprise was huge. The day he arrived we took him to get hummus like good Israelis. On the way out my friend told me "you're so slow" and then it hit me for the first time, understanding beyond logic. The first time someone called me by my new name, the feeling of knowing was beyond thought and reason. I turned to Dov Dreamer and told him "Dov Dreamer I have a new name", "What?" He asked, "And slowly I said - white feather,". Dov Dreamer responded with excitement and shivers, and answered me "My grandmother who raised me and taught me everything I know about Native Americans called 'Slow Feder'. It was then I realized that I was slowing down and embarking on my new life's journey. Later on, I discovered the Hebrew name of this name, Witt, found in the Torah. In verse 21, this is the Luazi date I was born in, a force in the Hebrew date and on the longest day of the year on June 21, 2006.

In addition, my memories came back to me as a manic, I received information telling me that doing a Sagol Festival was my initiation into what I do today. After my memory experience about a decade ago, I went through a lot of exciting experiences. One of the most powerful was five years ago when I attended an exciting ceremony where I first received a clear message from inside me…Which took me a long time to contain ...The voice told me - "In the past you held the Purple (Sagol) Frequency". And the voice went on - "And today we give you the white frequency ..." What? What is the purple frequency and what is the white frequency?

I had no idea what concepts these were, I didn't know there was such a thing. Apparently there are the flames of creation and they have colors and masters who are responsible for them in other dimensions… but this is another story…

I came home trying to forget what I heard ... not to be hospitalized ... :) In the morning I asked for an answer that I was sure I would not imagine, I asked for a sign that I was not imagining…. And to my surprise the voice answered me - "When you held the purple frequency you were called Lilac, today your name is 'Slow and you hold the white frequency'.

I smiled to myself ... really hidden are the ways of creation ... don't understand what it means ... expands and contains ... Preparing my tool for the new frequency that comes down to us.

Today I connect people to their own personal frequency and full anchoring of the soul in this dimension. And works with the white flame frequency and very powerful and precise personal guidance that comes to me through poetry as well. 

You are invited to tour our site and read about upcoming events and what your next step in the world of frequency and sound healing is.If your heart feels like frequencies and sounds are your language, write to us and see how you can continue to evolve with us.

With the blessing of om ah om = I see the divine in you,

White feather

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