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Havaya Concert After-movie

The Havaya Project is the world's first project that includes the chanting of mantras from ancient Hebrew texts to elevate vibrations and bring deep healing.

Hebrew, just like Sanskrit, is an ancient language, therefore you do not need to understand the meaning of it before you use it. The vibration is working on a cellular level. It's a deep Universal sound code that connects us all. Our part in the process is simply to show up and connect.

We invite you to watch our concert and tap into this sacred frequency.

Mantra Descriptions

  1. The Priestly Blessing
    This blessing is literally translated to: “The Divine blesses you and keeps you. The Divine shines his face upon you and is gracious to you; The Divine lifts up his face upon you and gives you his peace."


  2. El Na Re Fa Na La (Healing Mantra)
    When we use this short prayer to pray for healing, we call upon the Divine who is continually becoming, to heal and strengthen our loved one who needs transformation and change.


  3. Ani Hineni - "Kmo Ha Ruwah Kmo Ha A dama Ani Hineni"- As Above, So Below, So Within
    Ani Hineni in Hebrew means ‘I Am that I Am’- the Divine within us. This is combined with the English mantra ‘As Above, So Below, So Within’- (inspired by our teacher Simone M. Matthews)


  4. Havaya - Nimtset Bakol Hu Betohi Hi"
    Havaya in Hebrew means ‘Divine existence'. It is everywhere and also within you.


  5. Eheye Asher Eheye (Devotion Mantra)
    Moses asks God an ostensibly simple question: What is Your name? God gives what appears to be a clear answer, “Eheye Asher Eheye.” - “I will be who I will be.” This mantra is a devotional mantra to the divine within and out activating our potential.


  6. Choosing Unconditional love - "Ani Boheret Ba Ahava, Ahava Lelo Tnaym"
    This mantra is made to activate the balance of the masculine and feminine energy within us.


  7. "Lev Tahor - Bra Li Helohimm Ve ruwah Nahon Hadesh Bekirbi"
    Lev Tahor in Hebrew means ‘Pure Heart’, it is a blessing of reawakening our pure heart and renewing our spirit.


  8. Ve Yehi Or - Let there be light
    The original "and it is so" activating light and harmony that exists in the quantum field of creation.

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